100 Women Who Care, Giving Back!

100 Women Who Care will be meeting again to see which Putnam County 501c3 organization will be the next recipient voted to win donations from the 100 Women Who Care group!  Our event will be held at the Inn at DePauw on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  Social hour will begin at 5:00pm and we will start our meeting at 6:00pm.  The Banner Graphic will be attending our meeting, so that she can take our large group picture and possibly do a write up for us!  We appreciate that and hope you’ll all be able to attend!

Here is a reminder of the new policy for proxy voting and ties:

Proxy Voting

If you are unable to attend a 100 Women Who Care event, you may send your proxy vote with another trusted member.  Your vote WILL COUNT, but only if you send your payment with the same trusted member or had already paid to the Putnam County Community Foundation.


In the case of a tie between organizations, we will do a revote between those two organizations.  Which means, everyone will revote INCLUDING those that voted for the organization that did not win and all proxy votes as well.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can go to the Putnam County Community Foundation’s website at www.pcfoundation.org to make your donation online and the foundation will send you a receipt for that.  If you have questions regarding online donations, ACH payments and other, you can contact Elaine Peck, Executive Director of the Putnam County Community Foundation at 765-653-4978.  You may still send your check the night of the event with another member or drop it off at the foundation office if you aren’t able to pay online. 

See you Wenesday, in two short days to enjoy socializing, fun and food, and finding out who will be blessed by our donation!  Invite a friend to come check it out……never know who’s waiting for that call!


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