2016 Recipients

Area 30 Culinary Arts Program  $6500.00 (February)

Cloverdale Community School Marching Band  $7300.00 (May)

The CASTLE Arts Program $7500.00 (August)


2015 Recipients

The CASTLE Arts Program  $8,600.00 (February)

St. Andrews Non-Food Pantry $9,500.00 (May)

PCCS-Special Olympics/Transformers Program  $9,500.00 (August)

A-Kinetic Change $10,000 (November)

2014 Recipients

Beyond Homeless Inc.    $10,1000 (February)

Gobin Summer Enrichment Program  $10,900 (May)

Putnam County Humane Society $11,300 (August)

Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry $11,600 (November)


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