November is Voting Month!!!!!! Nominate and Vote for your favorite Putnam County nonprofit 501c3!


100 Women Who Care

  100 Women Who Care Giving with Thankful Hearts!

 As we finish our 2016 mission of giving back, the members of 100 Women Who Care Putnam County are ready to learn about our community’s local nonprofit 501c3 organizations and in return supporting them with a charitable gift of potentially $10,000. It takes 100 Women to reach that $10,000 gift.   If we reach 100 or 100+ women, that’s $40,000 going back into Putnam County!

Philanthropy and passion is what drives 100 Women Who Care to thrive! It’s a time to come together, socialize, network, become educated and to simply give. In the past 3 years, we’ve learned about many nonprofits that operate in our home community! During our events, women philanthropists of Putnam County meet others that share the same passion and desires for the nonprofit community. If you are a woman looking for a simple way to help out the community, then this is the group for you! Become 1 of 100 Women Who Care! 

Here is how it works:

The members of this group meet only four times each year for a one-hour social gathering and one-hour meeting. At each meeting, each member may submit a local 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity or government entity she would like to have included in a drawing. Three members’ submissions will be drawn out to present to the group. We learn who they are, how the organization serves, what their needs may be and more. Each member drawn will have up to 5 minutes to present followed by a 3 minute question and answer period from the group. At the end of the presentations, the 100 Women Who Care members will vote, ballots are counted, and the winner is announced. The total commitment is $500, which is divided 5 ways. $100 goes to build the 100 WWC endowment managed by the Putnam County Community Foundation. Then, $100 will be given to each of the 4 chosen charities in the months of February, May, August and November.

 We welcome you to come to our next event for a visit, Wednesday, November 2nd at The Inn at DePauw from 5:00pm-7:00pm. For more information on becoming a 2017 member, go to or on Facebook. You may also contact any one of our 2016 Steering Committee members: Julie Thompson, Elaine Peck, Emily Knuth, Beva Miller, Kate Knaul, Suzanne Masten, Kelli Croan, Cheryl Selvey, Gwen Morris and Allison Creekmore.



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