Frequently Asked Questions

What does the organization do?

100 Women Who Care – Putnam County is a group of women who share a common desire to give back to their local community. Individually, each woman donates $500 per year to support worthy non-profit groups in our community. The original 100 Women Who Care group was started in Jackson, Michigan in 2006. Groups have since spread throughout communities in the United States and Canada.

Who can join?

The group is open to all women – the more women we get involved, the greater our impact is! In fact, the group can exceed 100 women.

How often does the group meet?

The group meets four times a year for a 30 minute social hour at 5:00 p.m. followed by a one-hour business meeting.  Meetings are on the first Wednesday of February, May, August and November.  Dates are subject to change due to weather and school conflicts.

How is the $500 used?

The first $100 commitment supports an endowment fund for the 100 Women Who Care organization.   $50 of the endowment donation will be used to address future funding possibilities of the community. And $50 of the first $100 will go towards the operating expenses to put on our quarterly events (i.e. administrative costs, food, decorations, etc.)  The steering committee has agreed to allow the endowment to grow to $50,000 before making any grants from its interest. In addition, every woman pledges $100 at each of the four meetings (whether they attend or not) to be given to a selected Putnam County non-profit organization.  Commitment will remain $500 per member for the year.

What organizations are eligible for funding?

To be eligible, the organization must be a 501 (c)(3) or a government entity. Non-profit organizations affiliated with religious organizations are also eligible as long as their services address a societal need and are not restricted based upon religious affiliation. The organization must be proposed by a member of the 100 Women Who Care. Only local organizations will be considered. Controversial and political non-profits will not be considered.

How are they selected?

The members propose the organizations to be considered. Each member attending is allowed to submit the name of an organization for possible consideration. At that meeting, three members’ submissions will be chosen, and the members will be asked to provide a short explanation of the organization and its services. Each woman votes, ballots are counted, and a winner is announced. The women then make out their checks or pay $100 cash for the selected charity.

What if I am not fond of the organization selected?

Each member commits to donating the $500 per year even if they are unable to attend the meetings or do not care for the selected non-profit.

What if I cannot attend a meeting?

Members may send their check or money with a fellow member. This gives that member your voting proxy as well.

Why should I join?

There are three wonderful benefits to joining 100 Women Who Care. First, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other female philanthropists from our community. Secondly, you have the opportunity to advocate for a non-profit that you care about to receive funding. Most importantly, with very little commitment of time and a modest commitment of financial resources, women from Putnam County can have a tremendous impact. Once membership grows to 100 members, each meeting will result in a $10,000 donation to the selected non-profit. The larger the group becomes, the more money will be donated to our deserving agencies, projects and organizations. Be a part of making a difference!

How do I join?

Complete the membership form at and return it with your initial donation to the 100 Women Who Care endowment fund.  Once the endowment fund has grown sufficiently, the 100 Women Who Care Steering Committee will determine how interest from the fund will be utilized to benefit our community. Here is a membership form for your convenience.  Print and Mail in to the Putnam County Community Foundation along with your $100 donation to the 100 Women Who Care Endowment.    100 Membership Form 2016

How will I know about the meetings?

Generally, the meetings will be on the first Wednesday of February, May, August and November. Networking will begin at 5:00 p.m. with the one-hour business meeting starting at 6 p.m. A cash bar and snacks for purchase will be offered. Information on upcoming meetings will be posted on and on the 100 Women Who Care Putnam County, Facebook page. Email reminders will also be sent.


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