The Winner is……………..Youth Development Commission, Inc. The CASTLE

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Wow!  We had over 55 women come out tonight in support of our community’s nonprofit organizations!  We currently have 83 women that have joined for 2015!  We’re excited because that means 4 non-profits will each receive at least $8,300.00.  We’d love to become 100+ Women Who Care, so that we can give even more!  Generosity and philanthropy work well together hand in hand!  Thank you everyone for making this a great experience!

Here are the three that were drawn out……………

1.  PUTNAM COUNTY COUNCIL ON THE AGING AND AGED, INC.   (Christina Bittles was the speaker)

This organization assists senior citizens in all aspects of life.

For more information:  tel:765-653-8606



(Beth Benedix spoke on their behalf)

This group partners with teachers in Putnam County Schools to reinvigorate the curriculum through an integrated arts approach.

For more information:


3. A Kinetic Change, Inc.  (Beva Miller was the speaker)

AKC aims to increase community physical activity by creating recreation facilities and organizing fitness events.

Go to for a full description of this organization.


$8,300.00 COMING YOUR WAY!



Ok ladies!  I’m remembering last year at this time, how we had to postpone the event due to weather!  NOT TONIGHT THOUGH…………….the sun is shining………….my heart is full!

I’m ready to see you all come together to laugh, meet new faces and give back a portion to a worthy non-profit!  I hope you have in mind who you’ll be nominating!  It’s exciting to get together again!   CAN WE HIT 100 AGAIN, MAYBE EVEN 100+!!!!!!!!!!! If we have 100 Women, that’s $10,000 each time we meet this year going to great causes in our own community!  Last year we gave back over $55,000 (incl. the endowment) and I would love to see that happen again in 2015!  Invite a friend!  The number doesn’t stop at 100! 

Please remember a few things:

1.  Meeting tonight at the Inn at DePauw!  Come mix and mingle………meet someone new…….enjoy our appetizers provided by an ANONYMOUS GIVER!  5-6 social/registration hour and 6-7 becoming more aware of 3 organizations and VOTING!

2.  If you’re already registered, check in to get your I VOTE FOR card, grab some food and beverage and nominate!

3. If you haven’t registered, check in at the Non-Registered table to fill out your form and make your check out to Putnam County Community Foundation (memo: 100 Women) and get your I VOTE FOR card, grab some food and beverage and nominate!

4.  Bring a 2nd check or cash to fill out to the winning organization!

5.  If you are not going to be in attendance, BE SURE to send your check and with another member to proxy vote for you or drop it off today at the foundation office (2 S. Jackson St.)

Once again, I want to THANK YOU all for what you do daily in Putnam County!  Also, a shout out to the steering committee:  Beva Miller, Caitlyn Milliman, Emily Knuth, Kelli Croan, Susan Price, Elaine Peck, Suzanne Masten, Cheryl Selvey and Kate Knaul!


3 Years in Action! COME JOIN us in building a strong community!

100 Women Who Care have done since 2014-2016 and more to come! It’s amazing what a group can achieve when working together to make a difference!  The idea is generosity and giving back!  The…

Source: 3 Years in Action! COME JOIN us in building a strong community!

3 Years in Action! COME JOIN us in building a strong community!

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 100 Women Who Care have done since 2014-2016 and more to come!

It’s amazing what a group can achieve when working together to make a difference!  The idea is generosity and giving back!  The method is each woman being willing to give $100 quarterly to create a $10,000 impact.  The slideshow above is a small demonstration of the impact made in Putnam County, Indiana….OUR home!  We want to extend this invitation to all women who share in the desire of helping out their community’s nonprofit family!  Whether you are a past member, present member or future member, please consider joining 100 Women Who Care to create lasting memories and a legacy of a cheerful heart!  See you on Wednesday, November 2nd at The Inn at DePauw.  Social hour is from 5pm-6pm and the meeting from 6pm-7pm!

November is Voting Month!!!!!! Nominate and Vote for your favorite Putnam County nonprofit 501c3!


100 Women Who Care

  100 Women Who Care Giving with Thankful Hearts!

 As we finish our 2016 mission of giving back, the members of 100 Women Who Care Putnam County are ready to learn about our community’s local nonprofit 501c3 organizations and in return supporting them with a charitable gift of potentially $10,000. It takes 100 Women to reach that $10,000 gift.   If we reach 100 or 100+ women, that’s $40,000 going back into Putnam County!

Philanthropy and passion is what drives 100 Women Who Care to thrive! It’s a time to come together, socialize, network, become educated and to simply give. In the past 3 years, we’ve learned about many nonprofits that operate in our home community! During our events, women philanthropists of Putnam County meet others that share the same passion and desires for the nonprofit community. If you are a woman looking for a simple way to help out the community, then this is the group for you! Become 1 of 100 Women Who Care! 

Here is how it works:

The members of this group meet only four times each year for a one-hour social gathering and one-hour meeting. At each meeting, each member may submit a local 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity or government entity she would like to have included in a drawing. Three members’ submissions will be drawn out to present to the group. We learn who they are, how the organization serves, what their needs may be and more. Each member drawn will have up to 5 minutes to present followed by a 3 minute question and answer period from the group. At the end of the presentations, the 100 Women Who Care members will vote, ballots are counted, and the winner is announced. The total commitment is $500, which is divided 5 ways. $100 goes to build the 100 WWC endowment managed by the Putnam County Community Foundation. Then, $100 will be given to each of the 4 chosen charities in the months of February, May, August and November.

 We welcome you to come to our next event for a visit, Wednesday, November 2nd at The Inn at DePauw from 5:00pm-7:00pm. For more information on becoming a 2017 member, go to or on Facebook. You may also contact any one of our 2016 Steering Committee members: Julie Thompson, Elaine Peck, Emily Knuth, Beva Miller, Kate Knaul, Suzanne Masten, Kelli Croan, Cheryl Selvey, Gwen Morris and Allison Creekmore.


August 3rd!!!!!! Go, Fight, Win! Who will our next recipient be??

Summer is coming to an end, but before we start school let’s give one more time!   Wear your school spirit and come ready to nominate a Putnam County nonprofit organization!  All it takes is one person  to nominate and your organization could win over $7000!   Our goal, of course, is $10,000 so bring some friends who desire to see our community thrive. 

Meet us at The Inn at DePauw on Wednesday, August 3rd.  Enjoy a social hour (5:00-6:00pm), mixing and mingling with other women philanthropists who want to see good in our communities!   During our 6:00-7:00pm hour, we’ll nominate, draw and hear from 3 great organizations who could use our help

Don’t forget….YOUR VOTE counts!  If you cannot make it to the meeting pay your $100 and drop it off at the Putnam County Community Foundation by Wednesday morning.  Then you can send your proxy vote with another member!  Remember, in the case of a tie, your proxy vote will count!  BUT we hope you can make it, so we can see your smiling face!



Our May recipient was the Cloverdale Emerald Marching Band.  First Come, First served on Wednesday, Aug. 3rd  for a Cloverdale Band T-shirt in appreciation of your donation. 

Next 100 Women Who Care Event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 5:00-7:00pm at The Inn at DePauw!




We’ve got spirit, how about you?

Happy Summer!

Can you believe it’s time to show our school spirit and for our children to return back to school!  Doesn’t seem possible, but it’s always good to get back into a routine.   With 100 Women Who Care, our routine is giving a great amount of money, quarterly, to help the local non-profit 501c3 organizations of Putnam County to continue strengthening their services and projects!

So far, in 2016, we’ve been able to share our gifts with Area 30 Culinary Program and the Cloverdale Marching Emerald Band.  It has been a joy to watch these two organizations thrive and do something that doesn’t come around often.   The future of Putnam County looks promising.

100 Women Who Care is a group of women that are from or have Putnam County ties.  We share the common desire of watching our community stay alive.  Each member gives $100, 4 times a year to 4 different non-profit organizations.  What’s neat……..each one of us giving $100 means a potential $10,000 gift 4 times per year!  That’s amazing!!!  We need you to join in, getting our enrollment back to 100+!  If you love Putnam County, acts of kindness and giving back then this group is for you!

Our next meeting will be held at The Inn at DePauw on Wednesday, August 3, 2016!  We start the evening at 5:00pm with a social hour.  A time to mix and mingle, meet other women, enjoy a nice appetizer buffet and cash bar!  Then, at 6:00pm, we start our meeting where we nominate and hear 3 organizations’ desires for the 100 Women’s gift.  We’ll also have a report from a past recipient, which is always nice to hear back from past winners!  We’ll finish up the evening at 7:00pm with the announcement of our newest August 2016 recipient!   Wear your favorite school spirit shirt, scarf, etc. to show support for all of the county schools! 

For questions, contact any one of the steering committee members:  Julie Thompson, Elaine Peck, Suzanne Masten, Kelli Croan, Emily Knuth, Kate Knaul, Allison Creekmore, Gwen Morris, Cheryl Selvey,or Beva Miller.

Membership forms can be found on this website under the Membership Information tab.













100 Women Who Care, Giving Back!

100 Women Who Care will be meeting again to see which Putnam County 501c3 organization will be the next recipient voted to win donations from the 100 Women Who Care group!  Our event will be held at the Inn at DePauw on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  Social hour will begin at 5:00pm and we will start our meeting at 6:00pm.  The Banner Graphic will be attending our meeting, so that she can take our large group picture and possibly do a write up for us!  We appreciate that and hope you’ll all be able to attend!

Here is a reminder of the new policy for proxy voting and ties:

Proxy Voting

If you are unable to attend a 100 Women Who Care event, you may send your proxy vote with another trusted member.  Your vote WILL COUNT, but only if you send your payment with the same trusted member or had already paid to the Putnam County Community Foundation.


In the case of a tie between organizations, we will do a revote between those two organizations.  Which means, everyone will revote INCLUDING those that voted for the organization that did not win and all proxy votes as well.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can go to the Putnam County Community Foundation’s website at to make your donation online and the foundation will send you a receipt for that.  If you have questions regarding online donations, ACH payments and other, you can contact Elaine Peck, Executive Director of the Putnam County Community Foundation at 765-653-4978.  You may still send your check the night of the event with another member or drop it off at the foundation office if you aren’t able to pay online. 

See you Wenesday, in two short days to enjoy socializing, fun and food, and finding out who will be blessed by our donation!  Invite a friend to come check it out……never know who’s waiting for that call!

Out with the old, In with the New!

Farewell 2015!  Our community is blessed by another great year!  Putnam County is truly a place that holds many hearts and has a very bright future ahead!

Happy New Year Putnam County women!  We are off to planning our next year of events for the benefit of our local 501c3 non-profit organizations!  To be a part is simple.  If you like to give generously to see your community thrive and you want to learn about what Putnam County non-profits do and you like meeting new faces or reconnecting  with familiar faces then this is the group for you.  As a member, you could possibly win $10,000.00 for the Putnam County 501c3 organization you are involved with or even passionate about!

So far, in 2014 and 2015, this group of women have been able to give over $100,000 back to greater causes than ourselves.  It has only taken the group meeting 4 times per year for 2 hours (1 hour is social hour) to accomplish this kind of impact.  Not to mention, the men of Putnam County have also joined in this effort to give back graciously.

Here is a reminder of the groups we’ve been honored to partner with:

Beyond Homeless, Inc.-Gobin Summer Enrichment Reading Program-Putnam County Humane Society-Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry-The CASTLE Arts Program-St. Andrew’s Non-Food Pantry-Special Olympics-Transformers-AKinetic Change!

If you are interested in trying something new this 2016 year, then seek more information about 100 Women Who Care at or contact a steering committee member to find out more.  We’re here to help and happy to do so.

Julie Thompson:

Emily Knuth:

Cheryl Selvey:

Kelli Croan:

Beva Miller:

Elaine Peck:

Suzanne Masten:

Caitlyn Milliman:

Kate Knaul:







Worth It!

As I sit and look back on the past 2 years of being involved with 100 Women Who Care!  It’s the simple things that make me smile and say “Worth it”.  I hope that each woman that has contributed will read this card and say the same.  I hope that new readers will consider joining our efforts in helping out our community’s non-profit organizations to become something bigger in Putnam County.   It’s as simple as 100 women giving $100 to make a $10,000.00 impact.  Consider joining us in 2016.  Find out more information on how to join on this wordpress or go to!  We appreciate the Thank You card below!  DSC_0425