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Would you like to become 1 of 100……?

100 Women Who Care – Putnam County is a group of women who share a common desire to give back to the local community. The group is open to all women – the more women who become involved, the greater our impact will be! If our membership grows to 100 women, four Putnam County nonprofits will each receive $10,000 during the year. We hope our Putnam County group exceeds 100 women!

Members join the organization annually and sign a commitment to donate $500 during the year. The first $100 commitment supports an endowment fund for the 100 Women Who Care – Putnam County organization to use to address future needs of our community. In addition, every member pledges to donate $100 at each of four meetings (whether they attend or not) to be given to an eligible Putnam County non-profit organization selected at the meeting. If our membership grows to 100 members, the non-profit organization selected will receive $10, 000 at each meeting! By pooling their donations, female philanthropists are able to make a huge impact on our community. Think about the difference $10,000 will make to a local non-profit organization! Think about the impact of $40,000 total given to Putnam County non-profits in one year’s time.

Here is how it works.
The group meets four times a year for a thirty-minute social hour, followed by a one hour business meeting. At each meeting, each woman may put her name and the name of an eligible non-profit organization she would like to be included in a drawing during the meeting. During the same meeting, two or three member’s names will be drawn, and each of the three members will be given five minutes to describe and sell her non-profit and its services to meeting attendees. Five minutes will also be provided for question if needed. At the end of the presentations, the attendees vote, ballots are counted, and a non-profit winner is announced. The women then make their checks or pay $100 in cash to the selected non-profit. If membership grows to 100 members, the non-profit organization selected will receive $10,000! So, if the group grows to over 100 members, that’s even a greater impact for our Putnam County community.

Eligible non-profits.
To be eligible for consideration, the Putnam County non-profits must be a 501c3 charitable organization or a governmental entity. Programs operated by religious organizations are also eligible as long as the program addresses a societal need and is not restricted based upon religious affiliation. Only Putnam County based organizations are eligible. Controversial and political non-profits will not be considered. A non-profit may win no more than once each year.


Great Evening to Give!

Greetings all!

We had an enjoyable time meeting some of the people benefiting from 100 Women Who Cares gift!  We met with the Special Olympics group of the Putnam County Comprehensive Services and also with the Transformer group!  If you remember, at our last event, we had not one tie but two ties!  So, the 100 Women decided to split the money between these two groups.

Thank you to all of you that came out to support this presentation and these non-profit 501c3 organizations that are doing great works for our community!


Presenting over $4500  to the Special Olympics of Putnam County Comprehensive Services! Congratulations!


Each one giving $100 to make an incredible impact for Putnam County! Thank You!


Linda and Von joining together to thank the 100 Women for their support and gift to benefit the services they provide in Putnam County.

Presenting Over $4500 to The Transformer Organization!

Presenting Over $4500 to The Transformer Organization!