Who Will You Nominate????

Ok ladies!  The time is drawing near to meet again to choose a nonprofit organization that could benefit from our charitable gift of $9,600!!!

Who are you going to nominate?  Come prepared to nominate and speak on behalf of an organization that you’d like to see receive our gift!  We will have a white board at the nomination station for you to write your name and organization on if you would like to speak for others that share the same interest as you.  This will let others know that you’re willing to speak!  We’re all in this together!  We want to encourage and support one another in causes near and dear to us!  So, if you’re not comfortable speaking, find someone who is!  Get those nominations in, so we as a group can become aware of what Putnam County has to offer!

Good Luck to all of you that choose to nominate at our August 12th event!  Feel free to invite and bring a friend….you never know, it might be just what she’s looking for to become involved in the great community we serve!  See you soon!


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