Follow the Signs…… to find your way…… to GIVING in May!

PhotoGrid_1430339056437Greetings 100 Women Who Care!

Our event this Wednesday, May 6th will be held at Area 30 Career Center!  Susan Price and Jackie Eitel have been so gracious as to sponsor this wonderful time together!  We are looking forward to hearing 3 more non-profit presentations!

Area 30 is just across the road from Wal-Mart!  Follow these signs to find your way!  We’ll meet on the second floor in the cafeteria.  You may use the stairs or the elevator to get to the cafeteria.

Also, remember to bring a friend!  If she joins 100 Women, then your name will go into the bowl for a chance at a $50 gift card from Starbucks! 

We’ll hear from Judy Miller, on behalf of the Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry.   From the past recipients, Beyond Homeless, Inc. and the Gobin Summer Enrichment Program are eligible for nominating.

Lastly, once our WINNER is announced, we’d like to get a picture with all of the members present with the LARGE check.  It’s hard to get together for a great photo, so we’ve decided to do the picture immediately following.

Can’t wait t see everyone there, to support our community as well as the youth culinary students at Area 30!


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