Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in GIVING BACK to our home community!
 It’s exciting to know many of you have rejoined for this next year, 2015.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve already gotten one event beyond us for this year!  Which makes a total of over $63,000.00 given in 2014-2015 so far!  That’s a HUGE impact made over 10 hours of your time and half of that was spent socializing and having fun with other women philanthropists of Putnam County!
We will be presenting The CASTLE program with OVER $8000!  What a great gift to give for expanding their program!  The checks will be presented TOMORROW evening at 5:00!  The women will meet at the Putnam County Community Foundation and hope the weather is better than today!  Please be careful in coming to the presentation!
We are looking forward to our NEXT event coming up on May 6th!!!!!!!!  We want to thank our sponsors for the May event, Jackie Eitel and Susan Price along with Mary Birt of Area 30!  I’m sure we’ll be blessed by meeting at Area 30 for this event!
Our plan is to get back over 100 Women Who Care and become 100+ AGAIN!  You can help make this happen by telling other women about what we’re doing for Putnam County and inviting them to be a part of this great group of women!  Share your personal story of why it’s important to you!  This is truly a matter of a group of women who share the same desire in giving generously from the  heart and making a lasting impact!  There is always room for one more,  REMEMBER it takes my $100, your $100 and her $100 to make this kind of difference!  If you missed out on rejoining, it’s not too late!  Above is a membership form for yourself or to pass on to another woman that’s looking for some way to simply give!  Imagine, if each of us found 1 women who would like to be a part of this great act of kindness……..……we could do even greater things!
Here is a link to our information:
As always, feedback is important to keeping a great thing going and I believe we have a great thing going.……………in fact the men have begun their Chapter and are striving to hit 100+ by their first event in March!  We wish them all the best in becoming Putnam County 100+ Men Who Care!
Finally, we’d like to thank the Putnam County Community Foundation for it’s daily efforts in the interests of Putnam County……the place we call HOME!  They do a great job managing many endowment funds, including 100 Women Who Care!   If you become interested in knowing more about Giving in other areas of Putnam County, Elaine Peck would make your visit with her worthwhile!  Go to for more information.
In Giving Back,
100 Women Who Care – Putnam County Steering Committee

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