Get Inspired and be Intentional!!

What’s your way of Giving Back?  Giving back can mean so many different things.  It might be a helpful hand on a community service project.  It could be giving to someone unexpectedly.  Maybe it’s listening to your family members and focusing on their needs instead of your own.

In the spirit of philanthropy, 100 Women Who Care, is giving back to our local non-profit organizations!  We currently have 156 eligible non-profits to receive the charitable gifts from 100 Women Who Care-Putnam County!!!  We were blessed in 2014 with the ability to give over  $10,000 to each of the following organizations:

Beyond Homeless Inc. — Gobin Summer Enrichment Program — Putnam County Humane Society — Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry

These are very worthy causes and we are excited to hear back on the happenings for these organizations.  If working with any of the above organizations is something you’d be interested in, call them and see how you can donate your time, talents and efforts in helping them out.

Generosity doesn’t have to be hard!!  It simply means to quickly give freely!  Don’t think too long or too hard about being generous.  You’ll never regret this act of kindness, no matter how it’s given!

Get Inspired, Be Intentional, Be Generous!  Have a wonderful week!!



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